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Chinese Capitalism: Everything A Leftist Never Wanted

Having now received more than a few leftist emails on the virtues of Chinese “Capitalism”, I must respond to the claims of China’s economic superiority over the U.S.’s economic system. One writer stated, “You can knock Socialism all you want. But only a fool cannot see that Socialist China with its strong central government and […]

Virtues Underlying Capitalism

There are a few virtues that are more important to me than defending the word “Capitalism.”  They are: 1.  Truth. 2.  Liberty. 3.  Competition. 4.  Compassion. I know it sounds a bit like a superhero’s motto, but underlying most of my economic perceptions are these four building blocks.  Maybe I should have titled my blog with them, but […]

Christianity & Wealth, Part 3: Can A Christian Be A Capitalist?

The God of the Christian Bible cares much on how we view wealth, poverty and those around us who may be blessed or afflicted with either.  I will be the first to admit, that the possession or pursuit of wealth can indeed be a stumbling block to some people. This is the 3rd post of […]

Christianity & Wealth, Part 2: Can A Christian Acquire Wealth?

This is the 2nd of 3 posts to address the question:  Can a Christian be a Capitalist?  Since this is a theological question, it will be answered using the Bible.  In the first post, I answered the question “Can a Christian possess wealth?”  In logical progression, I continue now by answering a second question:  “Can […]

Christianity & Wealth, Part 1: Can A Christian Possess Wealth?

I will attempt in the next 3 posts to address the question:  Can a Christian be a Capitalist?  I am doing this because of the inordinate amount of emails telling me that Capitalism is not compatible with Christian salvation.  Since this is a theological question, it will be answered using the Bible.  My proof technique will […]

Were The Founding Fathers Deists?

In order to not set up a straw man, I am using this definition of Deism: Deism The belief in a God who created the universe and then abandoned it, assuming no control over life, exerting no influence on natural phenomena, and giving no supernatural revelation. I would add that a deist would not believe in […]

Was Jesus A Socialist? Part II

In response to my site’s thesis posting, Why This Site?, Mr. Ralph Henderson wrote: Let’s skip what you think the founding fathers saw (most historians hold a strong opinion against yours) and skip to what Jesus taught. “Do not not store up for yourselves treasures on earth”. Matthew 6:19-21. “Give to the one who asks […]

Polarization Part 1: Big Government

Wow.  What a week for words. The NAACP calls the Tea Party racist.  A Tea Party affiliate places a picture of Obama between Hitler and Stalin.  A TV executive decries black Tea Party members the same a Jewish concentration camp guards. Does it seem to you that our nation has become polarized on par with […]

Flat Screen TVs and Health Insurance

I can’t help but marvel. I paid $4600 for my 45 inch flat panel TV in 2005.  Now, in 2010, the comparable model is $1500.  It’s remarkable that the cost of this product dropped $3100 … even after inflation. Since there are more than a half dozen competitors making flat screen TVs – Sanyo, Pioneer, […]

Was Jesus A Socialist?

Many people have misinterpreted the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Acts of the Apostles in order to promote a view that the government should be the conductor of redistribution of wealth.  Political figures have donned the mantra of “Christian Socialist” – from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. These […]

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